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{$:Def_Name_EN} (definition)

Introduction of the notion

Source: White paper - Introducing Praxeme; page 18

Equivalent terms: scope, range, scale

The notion applies to the Enterprise System and can also qualify the scope of an activity. We oppose local and global scales but the notion can be extended as a continuum of various units and aggregates: operational unit, department, company, group, federation, activity chain including partners, society...

The reach can be both local and global.

  • Local reach

Investments are, almost always, made on a project basis, along with its clear objective and short-term effort. The methodology must provide clear answers at this level of organization, which respects the “local scale”. It applies to easily identifiable elements (a localized business process, an activity or an application).

  • Global reach

However, our objective is not only limited to helping projects succeed. It is also aimed, if not more importantly, on ensuring overall consistency, controlling the knowledge capital, management and consolidation of the system across all aspects, including its external context. The methodology must, therefore, take into account the “global scale” – the system (the enterprise, etc.) as a whole and over time. It is only by doing this that it can enter into a qualitative optimization cycle.


Evaluation of an action in extent and in time


This notion is used in particular to oppose:

  • the project mode and its local/short-term range;
  • architecture and its global/long-term range.


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